Law Genie Beta

  1. Introduce yourself: Start by introducing yourself to LawGenie. Start by telling your name to Chatbot, once it asks to do so.”

  2. Ask your questions: Once you’ve introduced yourself, you can ask LawGenie your question. Be as clear and specific as possible so that LawGenie can provide you with the most accurate response. For example, “How do I start my course?” or “How do I pick which is the most suitable course for me”.

  3. Follow-up questions: Depending on your question, LawGenie may ask you some follow-up questions to better understand your situation. Answer these questions as accurately and honestly as possible to get the best possible response.

  4. Review LawGenie’s response: Once LawGenie has provided you with an answer, take some time to review it carefully. If you have any further questions or need clarification, you can ask LawGenie for more information.

  5. End the conversation: When you’re done talking to LawGenie, you can end the conversation by saying something like “Thank you LawGenie, that was helpful.”

  6. You can also leave your phone number or email, and our team with reach out to you!